Clinical vignette: Infantile haemangiomas of the skin

clinical vignette


Cochrane Clinical Vignettes Project Aims to Support Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Clinical Practice

Cochrane France is dedicated to promoting evidence-informed decision-making and practice. To support this mission, Cochrane France has launched a new project, Cochrane Clinical Vignettes. Cochrane France intends to produce several clinical vignettes per year covering various medical specialties in collaboration with in collaboration with Cochrane Skin, Cochrane Lung Cancer, and Cochrane Training.

These clinical vignettes will present a clinical case scenario and a summary of the systematic review's findings and conclusions, with users being prompted to identify the most effective intervention based on the evidence presented in the vignette. The objective of these clinical vignettes is to enhance the users’ ability to apply evidence-based interventions in clinical practice, thereby improving patient outcomes. We encourage healthcare practitioners, researchers, and students to use these clinical vignettes to promote evidence-based therapies in clinical practice. By using these vignettes, you can improve your capacity to use the most recent evidence-based interventions in real-world settings.

The clinical vignettes will be available in both French and English, making them more accessible to a wider audience. They are designed to be user-friendly and should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes of the user's time to complete.

List of vignettes:

Created by Cochrane Skin and Cochrane France, this vignette presents a common clinical scenario and provides users with evidence-based recommendations on the management of infantile haemangioma.